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One tank or less

May 22nd, 2008 at 01:34 pm

Local (and frugal) ideas for Memorial Day weekend:

1. Pick up beach pass from City Hall, which will entitle me to free access and parking at the two beaches in town. Cost of beach pass for one vehicle = NONE!

2. Lobster roll at Stew Leonards. Generous portion with lots of lobster meat. Cost = approx $5 (+ tax)

3. Matinee at the Westport Playhouse (currently staging "The Pavilion"). Cost of one mid-priced ticket = $40. (I could have gone one level cheaper and saved $5. In addition, I could have saved the $5 convenience fee if I purchased my ticket directly from the box office...what can I say? I'm still lazy!)

4. Picnic and jazz at McLaughlin Vineyards. I may have to pick up above lobster roll (see #2) for the picnic and purchase a bottle of vino at the vineyard. Cost of entry = $17. (Again, I could have saved a few bucks if I purchased my ticket in advance. L-A-Z-Y!!!)

Any other fun and frugal ideas? My goal is to maximize fun and minimize gas consumption (especially after paying $4.19/gallon).

Happy memorial day weekend to all!

3 Responses to “One tank or less”

  1. sagegirl Says:

    We are heading to my sisters (2 blocks away so we walk) for bar-b-que and pool party. Cost:1 covered dish. We also plan on picnic-ing at the lake (cost free if we don't drive the car down there-$4 vehicle day pass otherwise). Should be an exciting,mostly free weekend.

  2. Jodi Says:

    Hello from a fellow Nutmeg-er! Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm from SE CT-plenty of cheap/free stuff to do in this area if you look hard enough!

  3. koppur Says:

    We are going to an all-day music festival on Sunday. It is a fundraiser for the Station Night Club Fire Fund (from RI) and both my cousing and my best friends bands are playing. Plus, there is a buffet. Cost: $10 per person, and it goes to a cuase very dear to me.

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