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The benefits of being a road warrior

October 24th, 2008 at 06:39 am

I am writing this entry from my temporary office in Atlanta. This is my third visit here in three weeks. And like many who must travel for work, I try to be as efficient as I can so I can quickly head back home.

I'm not complaining since I knew what this job entailed when I signed on with my current employer: 50-75% travel and in return, they sign my paycheck. The greatest opportunity cost are those that you cannot assign a $ figure to: maintaining a semblance of a relationship that while on the road, is condensed into nightly 10 minute check-in calls, missing mini-milestones in my little niece's life, and just the daily hum of the familiar.

Of course, traveling for work does have its upsides -- frequent flier miles do accumulate (fingers crossed that the airline won't file for Chapter 11 anytime soon), hotel points offer the possibility of free nights in Hawaii or Bali (whenever that may be) and all expense paid meetings in interesting places make up for the endless mind numbing presentations to sit through.

But in today's economy, what I am most grateful for are the free meals and perks (starbucks anyone?) that I would not normally indulge in at home. This month, I have yet spend my own dime on food staples or gas. In addition, I've been busy traveling that I haven't had time to get bored -- saving me trips to the mall or other potentially costly activities. In the end, being a road warrior is a money-saving proposition...in my view.

So thank you dear employer...I hope that you don't file for Chapter 11 and lay me off anytime soon.

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