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my new personal commandments

June 2nd, 2008 at 10:54 am

Inspired by THE Ten Commandments, here are my newly adopted commandments to cope during these turbulent economic times:

1. thou shall not pay ATM fees: I vow to drive or walk the extra distance to the nearest Chase bank to avoid paying those pesky fees (average of $2 per visit per week = $104 per year)

2. thou shall make coffee at home: and pocket the $2.45 spent on dunkin donuts small hazelnut latte every morning ($2.45 for four days per week = $510 per year)

3. thou shall not pay full price: buy used (books), trade (CDs/magazines), off sale racks (clothing), fruit + produce in season...use coupons!!!

4. thou shall research big ticket items before purchasing: no more impulse buys

5. thou shall plan ahead: no more procrastinating in bill paying (thus avoiding late fees), spur of the moment travel planning, food shopping when hungry

6. thou shall let on-line dating subscription lapse without renewal...need I say more?

7. thou shall learn to like leftovers

I welcome your suggestions for commandments 8-10!!

2 Responses to “my new personal commandments”

  1. merch Says:

    I like number 6.

    How about - Thou shall not spend more in a month then I make.

    And - Thou shall save 15% of my gross income

  2. baselle Says:

    Thou shall lead me from temptation and ignore all advertising.

    FYI with the ATM fees - my grocery store allows me to take out 40$ more for point of sale purchases with no fee. Don't know if that's the case in CT, but knowing that has kept me out of many a jam.

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